07 Jul


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We recently moved from a two story townhouse to an apartment and were quoted by other companies upwards of $600 for the move across town. I decided to go weigh b&b movers due to the owner, Sam’s friendly nature on theyphone and the fact that they charge a flat rate fee, no extra or hidden charges, what you are quoted is what you pay. They did not charge an extra fee for the second story or anything. They called and asked if they could come 30 minutes before the scheduled time, which was fine. They got right to work moving boxes and furniture and had the whole house in the truck in under an hour. They were just as fast unloading and reassembling and even fixed a dresser for us that had been damaged in a previous move! These guys went above and beyond and the woke move wad over and done in under three hours. HIGHLY recommend that you call B&B for any moving needs that you have



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