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Your Seamless Long-Distance Move Starts with B&B's Personalized Services

When venturing to a new state, B&B Movers becomes your trusted partner, providing a distinctive long-distance moving experience tailored to your needs. Unlike conventional long-distance movers, we go beyond mere transportation, offering a suite of options designed for your convenience, safety, and a surprisingly affordable journey.

In the realm of long-distance moving, our services extend far beyond the ordinary. Here’s a glimpse of what sets us apart:

1. Expert Packing and Unpacking:
Whether it’s a comprehensive packing service or focusing on delicate items, B&B Movers ensures your belongings are handled with care. Our commitment goes further, offering unpacking services upon your arrival, turning your new home into a haven in a matter of days.

2. Seamless Assembly and Disassembly:
For large and cumbersome items like waterbeds, furniture, or swingsets, count on us for meticulous disassembly at your current location and expert reassembly at your destination.

3. Flexible Short-Term and Long-Term Storage:
Life doesn’t always align with moving schedules. If you find yourself arriving before your new home is ready, inquire about our short-term storage solutions. For those seeking more permanent storage options, we either provide on-site facilities or connect you with reputable storage facilities in the area.

4. Custom Crating Expertise:
Recognizing that some belongings defy conventional packing, our custom crating services are tailored for items like framed artwork, sculptures, or unique electronic equipment. B&B Movers ensures every possession, regardless of size or shape, reaches its destination intact.

Whatever your needs, B&B movers wants to go the extra mile to serve you during your move. With more than 40 years of experience, we’ve helped thousands of customers achieve a successful move by offering service “extras” like those listed above.

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Our commitment to reliability and dedication stands the test of time.

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Our experience ensures a seamless relocation for every client.

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Our dedicated team brings personal attention to every aspect of your move.

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Our reviews highlight the care we invest in making each move a success.

Your Top Choice for Long-Distance Moves from Jacksonville, FL

When it comes to long-distance moves in Jacksonville, FL, B&B Movers stands out as the premier choice for a reliable and stress-free relocation experience. With over 40 years of dedicated service in the Jacksonville community, our family-owned and operated moving company takes pride in offering personalized solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients. We understand the significance of a smooth transition when moving across states, and our team is committed to providing efficient, affordable, and secure long-distance moving services. From packing and unpacking to assembly and disassembly, we go the extra mile to ensure every aspect of your move is handled with the utmost care and professionalism. Trust B&B Movers to make your long-distance move in Jacksonville, FL, a seamless journey to your new destination.


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