We are a full-service mover offering local, cross-country and international moving services. Professional movers will contact you within one business day. Renting a truck and doing everything yourself seems like a good idea on the surface. Likewise, if they overcharge you (which is the more likely outcome), you’ll need to pay. The majority of reviews boast about how easy the process was from start to finish. Affordable Movers assigns each customer a relocation expert who then meets with the customer to evaluate moving needs.

They can work with you to set up a plan for packing, storing & moving your home in all 50 states. Because everyone’s move is different, we cannot guarantee the actual service you receive. Still, before you hire movers, you’ll need to get an estimate from the local agent directly. We looked at third-party review sites to get a bigger picture of the company. The company handles home and business moving.

If an agent gives you a non-binding estimate, it’s an approximation of what they think your bill will look like, but you won’t know until the actual move-out day how much you’re going to pay. They can explain their policy on moving these “extraordinary value” items. To get an accurate picture, we compared quotes for the same size move across the same distance (from Oklahoma to Florida). Specializing in long distance, full service moves. We started with companies that could meet us and move us anywhere.

We are a long distance mover with their own fleet of moving vehicles and professional moving crews, so you know your items will arrive safely. Our top three picks offer multiple sizes of sturdy, weatherproof containers. Don’t sign anything that’s incomplete, and keep copies for your personal records. Offering rental vehicles, self-storage and moving supplies to do-it-your selfers, U-Haul has several locations throughout North America. It’s half the size and had almost twice as many complaints as United, but its website was just as easy to navigate. The company provides residential moving services and commercial moving services as well as specialty overseas moves.

Long Distance Relocation Group specializes in long-distance moves for residents in New England and in the greater New York City, Los Angeles and Jacksonville metropolitan areas. The company may not have made the podium in our ranking, but it’s still a solid option for your move. They established the all-inclusive move pricing model that has influenced the way you move around town, the country and the world. With over 5,000 trucks in its fleet, we don’t think it will ever be too busy to help you move. Be sure to share your experience with our readers in the comments below, or suggest another mover if you think it deserves a look from the Move team. Of all of the moving companies we reviewed, Best Interstate Moving and Storage had the most transparent pricing structure.

That means whether you’re moving on short notice, have a large home, or need help with some other unique request, it’s likely a Moving Group coordinator can help you find a solution. Get expert buying tips about Moving Companies delivered to your inbox. It offers customized moving plans to help all of its clients find affordable options that match their budgets. If your things aren’t packed properly, some may break during the trip. We believe a mover’s online resources should be a quick reference for the information you need without bogging you down and distracting you from all the other important tasks of moving. The few complaints we found were about receiving belongings late during long distance moves.

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